Export Policy for Jaemar Seafood

Jaemar exports a variety of fish and seafood produced in California, USA and Baja California, Mexico. We can ship containerized frozen fish to any port around the world in 40 foot or 20 foot Refrigerated containers. All frozen exports by Jaemar must be Full Container Loads (FCL's). Depending on the product packing, most 40 foot containers can be loaded with a net product weight up to 24 metric tons and 20 foot containers loaded up to 18 metric tons. Please contact us for specific product information.

  • All exports are payable in U.S Dollars.
  • Payments are made through Wire Transfer on presentation of shipping documents or on an Irrevocable Letter of Credit on our Bank. Terms of 30 or 60 days can be extended to customers. Letters of Credit are subject to UCP 500.
  • All prices are quoted under Incoterms 2000.
  • Insurance for shipments is always the buyer's responsibility.

For export quotes and availability please email: export@jaemar.com